A Client once told me that deciding on a contractor is an activity that lies outside their "comfort zone". Some feel at a disadvantage in such discussions because they perhaps know little about the building trades. They find it difficult to obtain information about the traditional and usual business practices associated with the building and remodeling industry. When contractors assume an authoritative, overbearing attitude, the clients' anxieties are increased.

Most contractors use one of four basic business models. Some work exclusively with architects, bidding competitively to obtain work. Bidding competitively is not something everyone cares to engage in. Instead, some will work exclusively with clients who are open to "negotiated bid" arrangements. And then others lean toward the design-build model. Over the past 20 years, it has emerged as the popular choice among homeowners and contractors.

Each homeowner brings different needs, experiences and expectations to the table when choosing a contractor. We are not interested in finding the one right way to do business with our clients. In fact, we reject that idea that there is but one way to approach a remodeling or building project. As a result, we do our best to identify a range of alternatives from which the homeowner can choose. We don't think it makes good business sense to impose superfluous limitations on our clients.

Terry Nation

icon1 Residential Contractor, purchaser and project manager. Born and raised in Greenwood, South Carolina, Terry found his interest in construction after exceling in the Building Construction Program at Greenwood High School in 1987. After graduating, Terry and his brother Tim started doing small construction projects ranging from decks, shops, garages, and sunroom additions. It wasn't long before Terry had a hunger for bigger things. He proceeded to study for his contractor's license and has maintained it since 1996. Highly regarded and sought after for his superior skills at being meticulous, he moved on to become a construction Superintendent for Cooper Homes in McCormick, SC. While there, he oversaw the construction of over 200 custom built homes. In addition, he continued to build homes under his own name, and has done so to this day.

Tim Nation

icon1 Tim started his construction career by joining with Terry in 1989. Tim is often known for his eye for design, and modern tastes. Many of our clients have had serious design questions answered at the advice Tim has to offer, and been well pleased. After Terry left the Greenwood - McCormick area, Tim proceeded to get his own South Carolina Residential Builders License. He has continued to build single family homes. In the late 2000s, due to the downturn in the economy, Tim and Terry are now back together building in western South Carolina. In his spare time, Tim loves skydiving, rock climbing and does volunteer construction for congregational friends on the island of Jamaica.